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RRP : $215

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  • 7 Different Blades & Inserts
  • User Manual
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 150W
Weight: 3.2kg
Dimensions: 350X150X360MM
Max. Continuous Use Duration: 2 minutes
Inclusions: 7 various blade inserts


Food preparation can be a pain even if you have amazing knife skills and cut perfectly even slices every time. It takes up time and effort and countertop space, which usually leaves you in a mess so you need to constantly clean and organise as you cook. With the Electric Mandoline Slicer, all you need to do is drop your ingredients into the feeding chute and the ingredients are magically sliced to perfection, collecting neatly in the container at the base so there is absolutely no fuss or mess throughout your food preparation, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your food.


Shredded cabbage, julienne carrots, thinly sliced apples, grated cheese – any type of slice or cut you need for your salad, the Electric Mandoline Slicer does it for you in seconds. Your salad would turn out so magnificent you can’t bear to dig in right away!

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  • Description
    The Electric Mandoline Slicer, the 7-in-1 Food Preparation System comes with 7 different blade inserts so you can slice, julienne, shred, grate, shave, make perfectly sized French fries and much more - in just a matter of second.
    The Electric Mandoline Slicer is suitable for Domestic use only.
  • Why Electric Mandoline Slicer

    The 7 blade inserts allow you to choose between a thick or thin slicer, shredder, grater/shaver, thick or thin julienne blade and chop. Be it whipping up a quick salad, afternoon snack, cosy family dinner or a full blown Christmas meal, the Electric Mandoline Slicer is going to be your go-to life-saver in the kitchen, reducing food preparation time by more than half!

  • Our Promise

    Your relationship with us does not end with your purchase of the Electric Mandoline Slicer. Albeit designed to be simple to use, the Electric Mandoline Slicer is a sophisticated equipment you would want ongoing support and advice for, to help you make the most of it. That is why we make sure our Froothie support team is only ever a phone call or email away.

  • Summary

    Make cooking a breeze with the Optimum Electric Mandoline Slicer, designed to help you reduce food preparation time to a minimum, making cooking and meal times full of fun and enjoyment instead of being a chore you dread. The 7-in-1 Electric Mandoline Slicer ensures your ingredients are sliced uniformly, so your ingredients cook evenly to result in better taste and texture. Be it slice, julienne, shred, shave, grate and even puree, there is nothing the Electric Mandoline Slicer cannot accomplish. The Electric Mandoline is the dream kitchen assistant in any kitchen that would make tedious food preparation a matter of the past.

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