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Optimum Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of the Optimum?

DOMESTIC USE: The Optimum© Vortex Blender is able to carry out a number of food preparation functions such as blending, dicing, pureeing, chopping, mixing, grinding, heating, freezing and whipping different kinds of foods. The Optimum can blend anything from fruits and vegetables, coffee beans, ice, different spices as well as meats, so whether you are looking to make a nice hot soup, a big bowl of ice cream, a nice green smoothie or an entire meal, the Optimum is right for you. The powerful engine and high speed blades can handle frozen and hot food as well as room temperature goodies. The Optimum is definitely a single kitchen appliance that is characterized by excellence and distinction.

COMMERCIAL USE:The Optimum's 2,238 - 2,611 Watt motor allows it to withstand the heavy-duty use of a juice bar or a café, crushing ice and making the tastiest smoothies and juices in seconds. There is no sipping and chewing when using the Optimum, the speed and power of the motor means every drink will be blended to a smooth texture to ensure consistent customer satisfaction. The Optimum is equipped with either a 20, 35 and 45 second automatic blending panel or a variable speed control dial, allowing the user to make a drink unattended with the press of a button, or more delicate functions with the turning of a dial, Nice and simple!

What distinguishes the Optimum from other household blenders?The Optimum is a commercial-grade Vortex blender, outperforming and outlasting domestic Vortex blenders while turning out juice bar-quality smoothies and restaurant-quality meals.

Ordinary household Vortex blenders fail to have the power built into every Optimum, to always carry out the variety of kitchen tasks. When buying a Vortex blender, there are three components you will need to look out for: The power of the motor, the speed of the blades and the noise level. The Optimum motor has a tremendous motor which can reach up to 2,611 Watts. The blades can spin at a very high speed.., and the noise level is a minimal 80-90 decibels.

What happens if the blender does not meet our expectations?

The company is currently offering customers a trial period, with the option to return the Vortex blender within 30 days from the date of receipt of the Vortex blender for a full refund, including postage costs (we will organise the return). This allows you to try the Vortex blender in your own kitchen before deciding whether to keep it. This demonstrates our confidence in the Vortex blender's quality and performance. Another incentive currently offered by Froothie is the considerable discount of more than 40%. This reduction in price is aimed at building the brand's reputation in Australia and abroad, gaining recognition and becoming a major competitor in a monopolised industry.

Why is the Optimum more expensive than regular household blenders?

The Optimum holds a commercial-grade status as a heavy-duty professional Vortex blender. At a price range of $431 - $641, it might be more costly than most domestic Vortex blenders, yet it is a high quality device with which will last you a lifetime(10-year domestic warranty), establishing itself as your Number 1 companion in your kitchen. After all, it has been said, "save money but don't sacrifice quality". The Optimum surely translates this concept.

How does the Optimum compete with regular food processors?

The Optimum has been designed over many years to ensure it is capable of performing more blending functions than you regular food processor, with the goal of having all your expectations exceeded. The 6-blade assembly can rotate at a staggering speed to ensure the Optimum accomplishes food preparation tasks with no less effectiveness, while still proving easier to clean and operate.

The option of chopping food is also available when using the Optimum by pulsing food gradually without over-blending.

How does Hot/Cold food preparation mechanism work in the Optimum?

The Optimum is a unique appliance capable of freezing ice cream or heating a soup. For hot food processing, the Optimum has the option of blending food at a HIGH speed, spinning the six stainless steel blades very fast to produce friction heat.In a few minutes, the soup or other food will be served steaming hot. As for the frozen ingredients, thanks to those same speedy blades the frozen food is crushed at an incredible speed, leaving no time for any melting while allowing the mixture to refreeze.

Please note the Optimum's commercial blending functions of 20, 35 and 45 seconds allow it to make drinks including smoothies and juices without warming the contents. This function, only available in commercial Vortex blenders, allows the Optimum to operate at various speeds, automatically slowing and speeding to ensure no friction heat occurs.

What are the cleaning instructions which we should follow for the Optimum?

The Optimum is a very easy-to-clean appliance. For juice bars making drinks and smoothies, a quick rinse with water is all that is required. When making more sophisticated meals such as soups or dips, turn the appliance on high speed for about 30 to 60 seconds while the container is filled with warm water and dish washing detergent, then rinse and dry.

As for the rest of the surfaces, a simple wipe with a wet cloth is all that is necessary. Kindly note that the Optimum is not dishwasher safe, and please avoid any abrasive cleaners or pads.

Are recipes available with the Optimum?

Given that what you will have your hands on is such a powerful cooking device, Froothie is providing all customers with a tremendous 83-page recipe book filled with the tastiest drinks and meals at your fingertips. Your Optimum is capable of producing all manner of dishes, from delicious nut butters, to gourmet ice creams, to sauces and hot soups, to a different, nutrient rich smoothie for every day of summer. The sky is the limit and without wanting to impede on your culinary ventures, the Froothie recipe book will have your taste buds on the edge of their seat, with every recipe designed specifically for the Optimum.

For commercial buyers, Froothie is providing a great simple recipe used as a guide in juice bars and cafes for making great smoothies and ice crushes. The recipe has been developed by our most experienced members who have helped develop franchises such as Boost Juice and Pure Natural.

Does the Optimum break the cell walls to release the enzymes?

Yes, the Optimum breaks the cell walls of raw foods to make the enzymes more bioavailable. Without the need to break down large molecules of food, the intestines have less work to do. More energy can be concentrated to other organs that may be sick or toxic. Valuable nutrients locked inside the pulp, peels and seeds of fruits and vegetables cannot be absorbed as easily when these foods are simply chewed. The Optimum breaks those foods into microscopic particles to release their nutritional benefits as well as their delicious flavours.

What is the difference between the various Optimum models?

The Optimum 9200 - 2nd Generation is perfect for making smoothies, juices, nut butters, hot soups, ice creams, salsas, dips etc. The Optimum 9200 - 2nd Generation also comes with an optional 10-Year Warranty, and is a commercial-grade Vortex blender, therefore will last you many years without any issues
The Optimum 9400 is identical to the Optimum 9200 - 2nd Generation, manufactured using the same high-quality durable parts. The main difference is functionality: dial (9400) vs. buttons (9200 - 2nd Generation), as well as the longer blades and a more advanced motor for the Optimum 9400.
The benefits of the 9400 dial is more control, and the benefit of the 9200 - 2nd Generation buttons is the automatic timer function which is great for smoothies and juices on the go. The 6-blade assembly of both models is longer than any other blender, allowing for superior chopping, slicing and grinding capabilities, perfect for domestic users. The timer function of the 9200 - 2nd Generation is another great feature for busy users wanting a quick smoothie on the go!
The Optimum 9900/9900Ais the commercial-grade powerhouse for juice bars making hundreds of drinks per day. The 9900/9900A is more powerful and faster than any other blender in the industry, and will perform the same functions mentioned above but at a slightly faster speed. The additional power will not make any difference when used domestically, and is an advantage for our large commercial clients. The slightly higher speed will not make any significant difference in the blending process. The 9900/9900A is designed predominantly for drinks, and while it is capable of achieving the same functions as the 9200 - 2nd Generation and 9400 in a domestic environment, it is not designed for that purpose.

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