"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY stands the test of time"Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.

Optimum 400 Revolutionary Slow Juicer Takes the Top Spot in T3 Magazine for Best Juicer 2014 after a comprehensive review of 17 other juicers including Hurom and Omega Vert.

We were very proud to be rated #1 for Best Juicer 2014, ahead of some really excellent competition! Check out the article and links below to find out about our number one juicer and what our customers have to say about it.

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The Optimum 400 also has excellent consumer reviews - please see below verified reviews from our customers!

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Our Customer Testimonials

  • The Blender is without doubt the best on the market, Your the best 'up front girl' in ages and I can see you have a Supportive Team - Thank You Very Much in deed.
    M Grafton, Hereford
  • The Optimum 400 juicer is a fantastic way to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. It is really easy to use, easy to clean and best of all, it is quiet when juicing.It is the best piece of kitchen equipment you will ever have or need - it has become my best friend! I just LOVE doing different juices every day, and you can store them in the fridge overnight too! Great for busy people in the mornings when time is short. The Sales Team at Froothie are knowledgeable about their product, and are the most reliable and helpful bunch of people I have ever dealt with. They will answer your questions very quickly, and will supply you with lots of sites that are helpful in your learning of the Optimum 400. For me, it is the best Slow Juicer on the market, at a very sensible price.
    C. Hassel, Buckinghamshire
  • Just love my new 400 from you. Easier and less messy than my Samsung 6in1, tho produced good juice had it for 3 years. The 400 has larger containers and easier to pour and feeds most of the food through its self, so worth the second juicer for me,have recommended it to all Thank you
    C and G Davies in Hampshire
  • Very little pulp!
    Health reasons made me research the pros and cons of different juicers and I must say from personal experience a slow juicer is the best all round. I have owned another more expensive brand slow juicer for 3 years and have not been happy with the performance. After using the Optimun 400 daily for over a week, I have noticed it"s quieter, quicker and produces less pulp and froth. It is easy to assemble and wash up and the quality of the juice is great. The machine is robust and the build quality is first class.
    Tony GTP
  • The best appliance in your kitchen
    Only wish I had the blender and juicer when I first got married (45 years ago). What a great way to feel healthy and full of energy. Just can't believe how well I feel. I can even see a brightness in my eyes! That sounds corny, but it's true! I am taking them both in the caravan when we travel north! My daughter in law can share them with me, our little grandson will love the juices, he has been on fruit juices since he was 6 mths old. He has never had a soft drink or lollie....and he is the sweetest boy!
    Reenie, Wurtulla
  • How does it get any better than cold pressed?
    Loving this new Froothie 400 juicer. I've used many cold pressed juicers and had another brand until this one and love how quick, quite and effortless to clean.
    Juice tastes first class
    Brock Lifetarian, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  • The appliance I now cannot live without...
    I bought this juicer a few of weeks ago based on quite a few hours of online research and found that this was the one of best slow juicers on the market in terms of build quality and the juice that it produces. Since bringing it home i've been making the most delicious green juices for myself and family. My children loooove their daily green "superhero" juice (despite refusing to eat kale/spinach in their meals...) so i'm delighted that they are now receiving all that extra goodness in their ... Read more
  • Quality juicer
    After using a cheap knockoff juicer of similar design, I was blown away by the quality of this juicer. It's motor is a quiet purr, it took half a water melon and half a cantaloupe like they were carrots with no sign of clogging, and produced a lot more juice than my previous similar build vertical single auger juicer (I usually get about 3 litres and it produced 4 litres). Also easier to assemble with a drop down instead of drop & twist to settle the bowl to the base.
    I appreciated being... Read more
    JaneH, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Luv my Optimum 400
    This is the best purchase I have made in a long time. Making nut milk is a breeze, so much quicker and simpler than the old method I was using. I am using my Optimum 400 nearly every day. It is so versatile, and love that it is so quiet.
  • Best decision I have made in a long time.
    I had been thinking about purchasing a juicer for sometime now after hearing of the benefits of juicing from my daughter, and am I glad I did. I had been a smoothie devotee prior to receiving my Optimum juicer but that soon changed. I am still trying different combinations to find my favorites but so far every one has been fantastic. The taste is beyond words, and the fruit icecreams are to die for. I have an abundance of frozen bananas so it gets a good workout. I love everything about it and cant believe I hadn't done this sooner. I love that it is so easy and quiet to use, and a breeze to clean with just a quick rinse and it's done. The videos on the Froothie site have really been helpful too. Read more
    Margie, Lennox Head
  • One of my best purchases ever!
    I have only had my Optimum 400 juicer for a couple of days and can already see how much fun I will have with it. Juices are so quick and easy to make, no juice is wasted and clean up is a breeze. Puréed dates with it this morning for baking, I couldn't believe how smooth the consistency was. Shall be trying fruit "ice cream" next. Customer service was great, I received it within 3 days of ordering it!
    Cathy Owen
  • You will not Regret!
    Not only am I saving in the long run... The optimum blender is so convenient/easy to blend and clean with amazing end results. I couldn't be more happier. Its so most important to have a healthy life style and the OPTIMUM blender helps you do so. Thank you for making my life easier!
  • Juicer to end all juciers
    WOW am i glad i came across the Optimum 400 Juicer, the whole family use it ...... all the time ........... and we really enjoy the great quality of the juice that it produces. Easy to assemble and use, which makes things really easy for everyone. Well worth it Thanks
    Rocco, Melbourne
  • Fantastic
    Love my Optimum 400 juicer. So versatile, just made pineapple ice cream, wow so creamy just like the real thing and so healthy. Have previously made banana and strawberry ice cream as well as my juices. I am yet to make some nut milk, but what a great machine. I bought a Yonana but haven't used it as my Optimum 400 does the same thing.
    Jenny Morris, Hebersham
  • Love the Optimum 400 juicer! Having used my daughter’s Hurom for over 3 years, I was keen on getting a similar juicer to continue juicing away after she has moved out of home. Well, after significant research, I opted for the Optimum juicer after seeing some great reviews and second to none service by Froothie
    After trialling this juicer for pretty much everything (kale, celery, spinach, beetroot, carrots, ice cream and almond butter) I can confidently review the product with a 5 star ... Read more
  • Got that JUICE GLOW :-)
    YAY - My Optimum 400 Slow Juicer has arrived!
    I am very happy with the quality of juice it produces, just the right amount of 'slow' for high nutrient intake yet enough speed to keep me move'n & shak'n in the kitch'n! I love how it can juice soft fruits like Mango, which adds a nice touch of creaminess to my fruit juice. The taste it produces by far outweighs any other juicer I have previously used (juice addict for a few years now!)
    Am loving it's versatility, to not only make delicio... Read more
  • Best Juicer Yet!
    As a raw foodie, you can imagine that I blend and juice ALOT! The Optimum 400 Juicer is the best juicer I have used yet.
    It is easy to put together - just line up the dots!
    As a slow juicer it maintains as many nutrients and enzymes possible as there is NO heat, but it still juices quickly and efficiently! It is so so so quiet compared to a centrifugal juicer!
    Once you are done, just pull it apart, use the cleaning brush included and rinse it with water - EASY as pie to clean! AND... Read more
    Kisane Appleby, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Love this Juicer
    This juicer is awesome! Finally a juicer that extracts the juice and leaves dry pulp, from soft fruits, leafy greens to hard veges, this juicer doesn't hesitate to produce healthy, cold pressed juice. Leaving all those wonderful nutrients intact :-) Super quiet, easy to clean and put together. The whole family love it. Great price too. Highly recommended A++++
    Sarah, Whakatane, New Zealand
  • My juicing addiction
    As I had been a very good girl Santa brought me this juicer! It has been getting a mighty workout ever since. My husband, toddlers and myself just love it. It juices easily, quickly and quietly! My 4 year old loves to help and has learnt so much about different vegies & nutrition in the process! Priceless!! As my toddlers do help I have had to use the rev button and it was easily unstuck and returned to juicing well. Can't imagine my life without my juicer :) thankyou
    Skye, Port Campbell, Victoria

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