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Hi for those that don't know me, I'm Samantha Baird owner of food for thought. I constantly get asked for my recommendations on which blender I choose so thought id put pen to paper and share my experiences.

Being a food coach I am consistently doing food preparation demos for work and home use. Let’s say my blenders get a good work out several times a day. This year I have seen myself through a few of these costly items, so here is my report:

One of my first blenders the Breville, it did the job some of the time. I found if I put basic banana and rice milk with a bit of honey it was fine, as soon as I added some greens or dates – things got lumpy :( If you’re a smoothie lover like me lumps are a no no. This blender failed when I added ice, one blitz and it died.

Philips 1000W Compact 3-in-1 Setup 3.4L Bowl Food Processor. A lower cost option, the food processor component of this machine is good. Although this blender can’t handle ice either and once again struggles to blend to a smooth consistency. It is unable to perform most of the tasks given to a high speed blender.

Breville - All in One. I love this little device, although not a blender, it’s more of a mini food processor and stick mixer. It’s quick and easy and I still sometimes use it for mashed potato or quickly use the stick for my pumpkin soup while still in the pot. It isn’t very powerful so you certainly wouldn't use this on a green smoothie, nut milk, nut butter etc.

The Vita Easy was my next large purchase. It’s quite expensive rrp of $799.00, was the first hurdle. This machine has a very similar look to the Vitamix, so I decided it might be worth the investment. Vita Easy advertises that you can put in whole foods and blend away along with claiming to be able to do most tasks given to high speed blenders. It started out appearing to be a very good and powerful machine. Over time it was not as effective at the tasks and in a few short weeks its downfall of no overload switch was easily seen. This blender overheated and blew the fuses, rendering it unusable. Unfortunately after returning the blender and it being replaced three times, due to the limits in its ability to perform the regular tasks required, I have conceded that this blender does not live up to expectations. After the third replacement the support team at Vita Easy, suggested the cause might be due to the operator and did not replace the blender again. It was time to find a better alternative with a great customer service to support an effective product.

Step in the Optimum blender from Froothie. My new favourite is the Optimum 9400, I have found the blender to suit my needs at a very affordable price. I love this blender. With the sales ticket being under $500, the fact that it is an Australian owned and operated company is an added bonus. When making a green smoothie I can rest assure it’ll come out silky smooth, every time. I put carrot, beets, zucchini and greens with ice and it blends no worries. I also have made hot soups, bliss and protein balls, nut milks and butters, this machine does it all. From hot soup to frozen sorbet and everything in between. And what I really like is the option to purchase an extended warranty. It has a safety cut off/overload switch, so no more blowing up blenders for me :) When I ordered these blenders, the customer service was fantastic, with the team rushing me my first order express in time for an event, followed up by continuing support and excellent service at my every enquiry. I couldn’t be happier with my choice and I highly recommend this blender for domestic and commercial use. It’s a MUST buy!

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Samantha Baird

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