Australia’s #1 all-in-one measuring tool that reduces clutter and saves space

  • Less Confusion - have you ever tried your hand at baking or cooking, only to realise that you don’t have the adequate measuring tools on hand? With the Froothie Cube, say goodbye to confusion and hello to precise measurements that take your recipes to the next level.

  • Reduce Kitchen Clutter - Ensuring that your kitchen is clean and clutter free is one of the goals of most home cooks. With the Froothie Cube, you will never have to compete for space to store your measuring tools. Our all in one compact design fits in any kitchen drawer or cabinet, away from plain sight.

  • US and Metric - Unlike many measuring tools and devices that only measure in either US or Metric measurements, the Froothie Cube does it both! This makes it the ideal kitchen tool for anyone, regardless of where they are on the globe.

  • FDA Approved Materials - With our FDA approved food grade plastic compounds, you can be sure that harmful chemicals will not leach into your food. You never have to worry about BPAs that cause potential health risks.

  • Easy Cleaning - Our Froothie Cube is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe, allowing for ease of cleaning and food preparation. Feel free to melt ingredients such as nut butters, butter and chocolate directly in the Froothie Cube, saving you lots of time and wash up.

  • Great Option University Students - If you are a university student or simply someone who has limited kitchen space, the Froothie Cube is the ideal kitchen tool that will easily fit into even the smallest kitchen or dorm.

  • Easy For Kids to Use - The Froothie Cube is the ideal solution when baking or cooking with children. With easy to see markers, even the kids will be able to measure out the right amount of ingredients for your recipe.

  • Incredibly Sturdy - Made from high quality materials that stand the test of time, the Froothie Cube is incredibly sturdy and won’t break easily, even if you drop it on the floor!

    The Froothie Cube offers an extensive range of measurements that include:

  • 1 Cup, ½ Cup, 1/3 Cup, ¼ Cup,

  • 2 TBSP, 1 TBSP, ½ TBPS, 1 TSP,½ TSP, ¼ TSP,

  • 120 mL, 80 mL, 60 mL, 30 mL, 15 mL, 7.5 mL, 5 mL, 2.5 mL, 2 mL

    Consistency is key in cooking and baking.

  • All too often, home cooks use a variety of different measuring tools when creating or preparing recipes. Different brands and different measuring tools may differ in their measurements, causing discrepancies and thus negatively impacting the quality of your dishes. By using an all-in-one measuring tool like the Froothie Cube, you can ensure consistency and that every dish you prepare will be just as good as the last time you made it!
  • 1. DO read your recipe carefully - It is important that you pay close attention to your recipe and follow it to the tee. If your recipe calls for one “packed” cup of Brown Sugar, it is important to follow those instructions as not doing so may result in a poor quality dish.

  • 2. DON’T Forget to coat your Froothie Cube with non-stick spray when measuring sticky ingredients - When measuring sticky ingredients such as Honey, Peanut Butter or Maple Syrup, it is important that you spray your Froothie Cube with non-stick cooking spray or oil prior to measuring. This will allow for sticky substances to easily release from the measuring cup, ensuring that your recipes turn out perfectly each and every time.

  • 3. DO get yourself a reliable and high quality measuring tool - The quality and accuracy of your measuring tools can truly make or break a recipe. This is why we highly recommend investing in the Froothie Cube to ensure that all your dishes turn out perfect.

  • 4. DON’T use your measuring cup to scoop out flour - When measuring ingredients such as Flour, Starches or Nut Meal, it is important to spoon ingredients into your measuring cup and then level it off instead of using the measuring cup as a scoop.



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